About Us

When I first moved to Houston, I quickly became involved in the vibrant and quirky Montrose community of Houston.

I was soon called upon, by friends, neighbors and others in the area to work with many small businesses and individuals to resolve their disputes. With my fee in hand- at that time a cup of coffee or brunch at the many cafes on Westheimer Rd., I listened to, and tried to settle arguments about plants growing over fence lines, unpaid garage apartment rents and the right to mow lawns with a modified high horsepower lawnmower early on Saturday mornings. These are some of the disputes I dealt with when I began my practice as an attorney in Houston almost 20 years ago.

Through the next two decades, the types of matters I have helped resolve, as a Board Certified AV Preeminent rated trial lawyer, through formal mediation and informal counseling, have ranged from significant partnership and shareholder disputes; ownership rights and license royalties of intellectual property and employment and noncompete agreements for executive employees, in Texas, California, and Florida.

Though the many cases I have handled have become significantly larger and more complex over time, the heart of the issues remains a disagreement among individuals. Even the most complex legal and factual disputes require addressing the people involved, not just the legal claims that are filed or are threatened to be filed in a court of law.

I pride myself in my ability to work with individuals to address the root cause, along with the legal and factual issues in a case. Although there can never be a guarantee that every dispute will be resolved, you have my guarantee that I will do my very best to wind down and conclude a contentious matter.

So to name my mediation firm, Montrose Mediation, is an homage to where it all began. I sincerely look forward to working with you and your clients.

- Charles M.R. Vethan
Owner, Head Mediator